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Canada Greenhouses is one of the largest and oldest online greenhouse dealers. We offer a selection of only the best and highest quality greenhouse kits for sale from brands such as Rion Greenhouses, Palram Greenhouses, Flowerhouse Greenhouses and more. Buy a greenhouse kit direct and save.

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Palram Feria Patio Coverings

Perfect match for specific patio needs - adjustment options of poles distance and back wall height
Clear roofing brings sunlight to your patio and home
TwinWall polycarbonate panels protect your furniture from UV rays
Virtually unbreakable panels
Maintenance free - powder coated aluminum frame, no rust, rot or peeling
Includes dual rain gutters for water collection
Illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions for clear installation process
Offered in three sizes to fit most homes

rion greenhouse picture     Additional Photos: click photos to enlarge

Feria 3000 Patio Cover Feria 4200 Patio Cover Feria 5400 Patio Cover
feria 3000 patio cover feria 4200 patio cover feria 5400 patio cover








Palram Feria Patio Coverings

This patio cover is designed as a Do-It-Yourself assembly system. An easy, no roof climbing, 2 person assembly with a Click-N-Lock system makes the entire process safe and simple. The patio cover is maintenance free and is a great way to save time and effort, to create a quality outdoor experience for many years to come.


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