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Canada Greenhouses is one of the largest and oldest online greenhouse dealers. We offer a selection of only the best and highest quality greenhouse kits for sale - greenhouses that have been proven to withstand the harsh Canadian conditions such as heavy snow loads, high winds, and cold temperatures.

Free shipping applies for delivery within Canada. For delivery to the Territories (Yukon, NWT and Nunavut) or remote locations where ground shipping is inaccessible a small fee may apply.






Grandio Greenhouse Rear Door Add-On

The Grandio Back Door Transformation Kit makes it easy to turn the back of your Ascent or Elite greenhouse into another entry point. Not only will the back door kit make it easy to access your greenhouse from either side, it will also give you the option to have extra ventilation during
hot summer days. By opening both sets of doors you will enable air to pass through the full length of the greenhouse. The back door transformation kit comes
with all the parts you need to turn the back wall of your
2015 Grandio Ascent or 2015 Grandio Elite greenhouse
into another door.

Grandio Elite Rear Door Add-On
Fits any size 2015 Grandio Elite.

Free Shipping


Grandio Ascent Rear Door Add-On
Fits any size 2015 Grandio Ascent.

Free Shipping


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