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free canada shipping

Canada Greenhouses is one of the largest and oldest online greenhouse dealers. We offer a selection of only the best and highest quality greenhouse kits for sale - greenhouses that have been proven to withstand the harsh Canadian conditions such as heavy snow loads, high winds, and cold temperatures.

Free shipping applies for delivery within Canada. For delivery to the Territories (Yukon, NWT and Nunavut) or remote locations where ground shipping is inaccessible a small fee may apply.






Canada Greenhouses Frequently Asked Questions

What is is dedicated to serving the needs of Canadian gardeners. We offer a full-line of hobby greenhouse kits at affordable prices.

What currency are the prices listed?

All prices listed on this website are in Canadian Dollars unless specifically noted otherwise. If you would like to make a purchase in US Dollars, please call us first.

Will I have to pay sales taxes?

Yes. Sales taxes (PST, GST, HST) are charged and collected depending on your billing address province and range from a total of 5 to 15 percent. These amounts are shown in the shopping cart once you have entered your address information.

Will I have to pay any duties?

No. Most of our greenhouses ship from within Canada and are not subject to any duties. In the rare case where we have to ship a greenhouse from outside of Canada, we DO NOT charge any duties to the customer. You only pay the retail price listed on the website plus any sales taxes.

Is the shipping cost really free?

We offer free shipping to most areas of Canada . There are some areas/locations that are somewhat remote and have higher than typical shipping costs. For these areas we do reserve the right to charge additional shipping/handling before sending the product. If we do need to charge additional fees, you will be contacted before this is done to verify you still wish to make the purchase.

How does the greenhouse ship to me?

The greenhouse is typically shipped via Fedex Ground or UPS Ground in 3 or more manageable-sized boxes. The exact number of boxes varies depending on the size of greenhouse ordered.

When will my greenhouse arrive at my front door?

When you submit your purchase to we send your order to the warehouse to be shipped. If you place your order on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday your order will be submitted on the following Monday. The warehouse can take up to 72 hours to ship your order. When your purchase leaves the warehouse please allow up to 10 business days to receive your order. We usually receive tracking confirmation from the warehouse within 72 hours of your purchase being shipped and we can send you that information upon request.

Where should I locate my greenhouse?

The selection of a site involves taking into consideration three importantly factors: 1) the most desirable location should be shaded by deciduous tree(s) or lacking shade draped with an external shade cloth over the greenhouse which is attached to the foundation; 2) the site should also be sheltered from the wind by a tree(s) or some other barrier; 3) the site should be level and allow for good drainage.

Who is charging my credit card? is a subsidiary of Backyard Living Source, Inc. When you purchase products from this site Backyard Living Source will appear on your bank statement. If you have any concerns or questions please contact our customer service at: 1-866-915-0081 or email us through our customer service form here.

I tried to place a credit card order but was declined because of "error 2". What is this?

An "error 2" code means that your transaction was declined due to a bank preset transaction limit on your credit card. What typically happens when this error occurs is that the credit card issuer has a preset limit on your account for a single transaction (such as $1000 or $2000 per transaction). When a transaction larger than the preset limit is attempted the order is declined.

To resolve this you simply need to call your credit card issuer/bank and ask them to approve the transaction and/or raise your transaction limit. They usually have no problem doing this and it is a fairly quick and simple process. Once they have done that we can run the transaction again. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to call us at our toll-free number

Have a question not answered on this page? Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer any additional questions you may have.


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