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Canada Greenhouses is one of the largest and oldest online greenhouse dealers. We offer a selection of only the best and highest quality greenhouse kits for sale - greenhouses that have been proven to withstand the harsh Canadian conditions such as heavy snow loads, high winds, and cold temperatures.

Free shipping applies for delivery within Canada. For delivery to the Territories (Yukon, NWT and Nunavut) or remote locations where ground shipping is inaccessible a small fee may apply.






rion greenhouse pictureBio Green Palma Greenhouse Heater

Ideal Protection Against Cold And Frost Perfect for smaller greenhouses where space is at a premium, the powerful Palma features 1.5kW of heating power, and can circulate 163 cubic metres per hour, with temperature controlled by a single, easy to use dial. If required, the Palma can also be used to maintain temperatures below 0°C, via the addition of the optional digital thermostat (Palma digital version only) – making it suitable for the cultivation of plants that sprout in the frost.



Bio Green Palma Greenhouse Heater (Manual Control)
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Bio Green Palma Greenhouse Heater (Digital Control)
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rion greenhouse pictureElectric Greenhouse Heater

Protect your plants from the cold with one of our greenhouse utility heaters. They are ideal to quickly warm your greenhouse with fan-forced, whisper quiet heat. Our heaters are 1500 watt electric powered and are constructed of rugged heavy-gauge steel. They include instant-off tip-over safety switches, instant-off overheat protection, and easy adjustment control knobs with quick set thermostat to control greenhouse temperature.



1500 Watt Greenhouse Heater
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rion greenhouse picturePatron E1.5 1500 Watt Electric Heater

The E1.5 sets the standard for 120V electric space heaters. Built to run for 10 years without a break, it features a 116 CFM fan motor which distributes warm air throughout the room in way you never thought possible. Instead of using it to warm a small area/personal space like other common space heaters, the E1.5 is meant to raise the temperature of an entire room by circulating the warm air in a much larger area.

Patron E1.5 1500 Watt Electric Heater
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